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[AI+ FORUM] AI + Future Human

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Forum <AI+> was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Art Center Nabi.

The Forum brings together various communities of AI developers, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and people who are interested to lay heads together to find ways of using AI in order to help enable a prosperous, inclusive and thriving future for people.

<AI + Future Human>

What will "future human" looks like? 

The debate over the future humanity is under way again as the organic convergence technology of man and machine, such as Elon Musk’s Neuralink and CRISPR’s gene scissors technology, has recently become a hot topic of conversation. In what form will future humans, described as the fusion of human and technology, look like in the future? The emergence and development of artificial intelligence is replacing or enhancing human abilities, developing a relationship in which technology and humans form and depend on each other. Technologies such as Affective Computing, which recognize and interpret human emotions, are gradually narrowing the relationship between humans and machines. Now that humans are becoming more mechanized, and machines are becoming more humanized, where is artificial intelligence technology headed to in depicting the future humans? In this forum, Jinah Roh, Interactive Media Artist, together with Jin Park, CEO of ACRYL Inc., will draw the humanity of the future based on the relations between AI and humans.

[AI+ Forum]


AI + Future Human


2020. 10. 22. (Thu) 20:00-21:00

Jinah Roh_Interactive Media Artist
Jin Park_CEO of ACRYL Inc.


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*The forum will be streamed simultaneously through Art Center Nabi's YouTube channel.