director’s letter

The advance in digital media and information technology has not only changed our daily lives but also fostered a paradigm shift in art and culture. Arts, combined with new possibilities opened up by media technologies, have evolved and expanded its horizon of expression. The interactions between technology and human and the new type of cultural-artistic expressions mediated by technology require constant examination and reflection on the relations between human and technology.

Art Center Nabi aims to act as an intermediary that transforms the cultural desires into vital activities. Our goal is formed around the idea of humanizing technology that technology is fully integrated with human’s cultural life to open a new space for creative practices. This can be achieved only after the fruitful collaboration and understanding among science technology, humanities and arts. Thus, Art Center Nabi maintains the following three ideas; being a 'critique' of contemporary culture independent from technological benefits; possessing 'creativity' which opens people’s mind to regard a new perspective and enables a new form of expression; creating 'community' where these ideas are shared and the new world is dreamed of.

Art Center Nabi is at the center of this new culture, where artistic sensibility is combined with the technological possibility to bring out the power of change and creativity.


Soh Yeong Roh