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0 title <Why future still needs us: AI & Humanity> workshop: Machine Learning for Artists date 2016.12.27
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《Why Future Still Needs Us : AI and Humanity》 workshop
Gene Kogan:
Machine Learning for Artists

- Period: 2016. 12. 06. (TUE) 18:00-21:00
- Venue: Tazak Madang SKT UX HCI LAB
- Target Participants: media artists, developers, anyone who interested in Machine Learning 
- Speaker: Gene Kogan

Machine Learning for Artists
This workshop introduces the theory and application of machine learning for creative and artistic practices, experimenting with applications to music and sounds, video and images, text, an accessible guide for approaching the relevant software, and an overview of critical issues regarding AI in society.

Gene Kogan (b.1985, USA)
Gene Kogan is an artist that takes on the expression of human self and creativity through computer software. Kogan is also a programmer that investigates artificial intelligence. Based on his studies of applied mathematics at Columbia University, Kogan has been programming codes for improvised musical performance, performance art, and visual art while researching different areas such as machine learning and computer music.

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