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0 title Little Da Vinci School : Nabi School for Little Da Vinci date 2017.04.10
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Education Period 2017. 4. 15. ~ 2017. 11. 11. (5 classes in total)
Date: Every Saturdays between 2:00pm~4:30pm (2.5 hours)
Venue: art center nabi
Target Participants: Families (3 6 graders of elementary school and their guardian)
Number of Participants: 10 Families(Max. 25 people)/ 1 Class
Entry Fee: Free
Instructor: Gunhee Lee
Assistant Instructor: Jeongyeon Jo, SoAe Lee
Application Due: 4th. April. 2017. ~ (Application will be accepted by order of arrival)
How-to-Apply via online: Application is closed
Host: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Organization: Korea Arts & Culture education service, The Korean art museum association
Operating Institution: art center nabi
Educator JiEun Park, Yeojin Rhee
Art Center Nabi invites you to Little Da Vinci School: Nabi School for Little Da Vinci, an educational program for children and families. The program aims to facilitate appreciation and creation of digital art by educating children to inquire interdisciplinary experience similar to that of Leonardo Da Vinci who worked as a scientist, architect, and painter. As creative convergence is considered an important part of the society today, Little Da Vinci Schoolprogram provides the participants a chance to appreciate and share opinions on contemporary artworks that incorporate diverse technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. As an educational program that focuses on the learners, it encourages the participants to produce their own creations as part of the educational process where the distance towards art is narrowed and new perspectives and experiences on creation are delivered. Art Center Nabi cordially invites you to Little Da Vinci Schoolas a museum that specializes in digital art. The program is organized under the STEAM concept, an educational scheme for teaching science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and arts.
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