• upcoming project

    Artist Talk:Kyle McDonald

    2018.02.23 19:00~21:30

    [Venue I Tazak Madang] In the case of the Artist Talk, Kyle McDonald will show about his works including MWITM (Man and Woman In the Middle) which was presented through Neotopia exhibition.


    Neotopia: Data and Humanity


    [venue | Art Center Nabi, Tazak Madang, NFS(Nabi Future Studies), COMO] Art Center Nabi presents the exhibition 《Neotopia: Data and Humanity》. The artworks utilizing ‘data’ from various fields of the society, culture, politics, economics present the ‘more humane society’. The exhibition includes the artworks from international media artist teams.

  • academy

    Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals 2017

    2017.6.1 ~ 2018.1.31

    [Venue l Art Center Nabi] is inviting applications for the 2017 Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals to nurture competitive convergence content creators. Art Center Nabi is looking to discover talented and highly motivated candidates in the field of digital art and convergence contents-related startup companies who will participate in the convergence content creator incubating program where they will be mentored by the experts in the field.

    Diffusion of Creative Science Culture <Da Vinci LAB>

    2017.11.01 - 2018.02.28

    <Da Vinci LAB>is an educational program for children in child care center. The program aims to facilitate appreciation and creation of digital art by educating children.