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    [Exhibition] COMO&HAPPY SCREEN_JUNE 2018 《Depth of Circle》

    2018.06.01 - 2018.07.31

    [Venue l COMO (SKT-Tower, Daejeon SKT), HAPPY SCREEN (4th FL, SK Bldg)] Art Center Nabi is pleased to present the exhibition 《Depth of Circle》 by ROOMTONE. ‘Depth of Circle' invites audiences to an unknown space through VR technology and communicates via experimental storytelling artwork. We welcome the audience to have a sensual experience in the virtual space and in this 《Depth of Circle》 exhibition.

    Nabi Artist Residency 2018 Announcement


    Art Center Nabi is delighted to announce the final list of the selected artists for the Nabi Artist Residency 2018.

  • academy

    Development of Media Arts STEAM Program Using Advanced Technology


    Art Center Nabi will start the 2018 STEAM Program Research hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and conducted by the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity. The STEAM program is a media art and high technology-based curriculum that aims to incubate convergent thinking and problem solving skills.