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1 title Come Join Us, Mr. Orwell! Tomorrow City - Open Theater date 2009.07.15
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Artists have long harbored an aspiration for the unity of mankind, for transcendence of time and space, race, social status and cultural background. Paik Nam June in 1984 presented an impressive piece of satellite art Good Morning, Mr. Orwell! in which artists from all around the globe were connected through a satellite. A quarter of a century has passed since then, and we are hosting a festival celebrating global communication and art without borders on the evening of August 7th, 2009 in New Songdo City, Incheon.

We have prepared some magnificent pieces of media art to commemorate ‘Global Fair & Festival 2009 Incheon, Korea’ and to celebrate the launching of an open theatre, ‘Tomorrow City’, the symbol of New Songdo City.

We would like to introduce a public art Come Join Us, Mr. Orwell! which will link the hearts of people from all around the world regardless of nationality or language. Media artists from Europe will show an open air digital art performance for the first time in Korea. We are also curating a moving image exhibition in cooperation with art organizations from 10 other countries including USA, UK and Australia, where the moving images will be presented on large urban screens in select public places. The screens will be accessible through the internet and mobiles and act as a bridge connecting the people of each country, thereby generating a creative cultural communication. The opening event, a live telematic performance, in which ‘Tomorrow City’ of Incheon and ‘Federation Square’ of Melbourne will be connected, will present an invaluable opportunity for the people of the two cities to mingle and create a community network.

Through these media arts that open up a new horizon for the 21st century art, we expect to see the dissolution of all boundaries, the merge of the real and imaginary, life and art, technology and art, men and women, the young and the old, the East and the West. And we hope to attain ‘Moo Bong Top (無縫塔)’ which Paik Nam June so aspired – a seamless tower where everything is connected to everything else, hence truth – through these priceless arts.

In the middle of this muggy summer, we invite you to a global heart/mind/soul with no limits, no boundaries.

[Opening Event] Tomorrow City Open Theatre

August 7th 2009, 7pm – 10pm
Tomorrow City Echo Plaza, Songdo, Incheon and Federation Square Melbourne, Australia

Part 1   7pm – 9pm

Incheon-Melbourne Public Screen Event
Live Telematic Event and Digital Art Performance that connect Songdo, Incheon and Melbourne, Australia


 Come Join Us, Mr. Owell! Trailer  7pm
 Korean/Australian Media Artists’ Audio Visual Arts Showcase
 Artists / Kim Joon, Joo Myoung Song, Keryoon Han, Hansol Huh, Daniel Crooks, Sam Smith
 Incheon and Melbourne Introduction
 Artist / Jihoon Byun
 Text Messaging  7.40pm
 Korean/Australian Media Artists’ Interactive Media Art
 Artists / Seung Joon Choi, Leon Cmielewski, Josephine Starrs, Adam Hinshaw
 Welcome Speech  8.00pm
 Korean/Australian Media Artists’ Interactive Media Art
 Artists / Seung Joon Choi, Leon Cmielewski, Josephine Starrs, Adam Hinshaw
 Media Piano Performance : MEKANIK KANTATIK piano + machines
 Artists / Nicolas Cante , Gilles Toutevoix
 Poem+ Visual Performance
 Pansori Singer/ Sook Sun An, Visual Art/ Minha Yang
 Open Air Digital Art Performance
 Artist / AntiVJ

Part 2   9pm - 10pm

Media Piano Concert
MEKANIK KANTATIK piano + machines (click here)

Artists / Nicolas Cante, Gilles Toutevoix
01. Machine
02. African Flower (Duke Ellington)
03. Special Kantatik
04. My Sevdah
05. My Piano & I
06. Tristano mambo

Korean/Australian Media Artists’ Audio Visual Arts Showcase


Cradle Song-blue fish (click here)
Artist / Kim Joon (Korea)
2009, 3D Animation

Expression | Text Abstract | Conversation | Men in Suit (click here)
Artist / Hansol Huh (Korea)
2008, Moving Typography

aesthetica 003 (click here)
Artist / Joo Myoung Song (Korea)
2009, Motion graphic film

from right to left (click here)
Artist / Keryoon Han (Korea)
2009, Video art

Pan 3 [Rotation isn’t movement] (click here)
Artist / Daniel Crooks (Australia)
2007, Single Channel Video

Twist(Edit) (click here)
Artist / Sam Smith (Australia)
2007,Single channel HD video

Incheon/ Melbourne Introduction
Network Video Art that sends the landscape of Incheon to Tomorrow City and Melbourne in real-time

Incheon (click here)
Artist / Jihoon Byun (Korea)

Interactive Media Art

Value @ Tomorrow City (click here)
Artist / Seung Joon Choi (Korea)

SMS_origins (click here)
Artists / Leon Cmielewski, Josephine Starrs, Adam Hinshaw (Australia)

Media Piano Performance

MEKANIK KANTATIK piano + machines (click here)
Artists / Nicolas Cante, Gilles Toutevoix
              * Co- Programmer: Charles Chu

Poem+ Visual Performance (click here)

Sook Sun An, the Korean noted signer, is singing Sa-Rang Ga (Love Song)- a part of Choon-Hyang Ga- unites music, culture, and theater. The mix of Sook Sun’s poem and Minha’s digital video will illustrate the Indian ink wash painting like mystery feeling as if she is reciting the ‘elegance’ of our time. A VJ video will show in real-time at Melbourne while the recital of the poem.

Pansori Singer / Sook Sun An (Korea)
Drummer / Yongsu Cho (Korea)
Digital Interactive Artist / Minha Yang (Korea)
** Pansori: a traditional Korean narrative song

Artists / Sook Sun An, Minha Yang

Open Air Digital Art Performance

Songdo (click here)
Artists / AntiVJ (France, Switzerland)

[Screening Exhibition] trans-continental journey

Video Screening Exhibition that hopes for creative communication and culture exchanges between ten different countries in seven continents! People living in different places of the same period meet and share cultural experiences through the open window called city’s center electric sign to discover worldwide values for our future city.

Tomorrow City Echo Plaza, Songdo, Incheon, COMO, Seoul and Public Screens in Seven Continents around the world

Date Country Title Program Partner
 August  Korea
Global World

- Film and City
Seoul Landscape, from Kyungsung to Seoul
- Nam June Paik
Electronic Performance
- Digilog[ue]

Korean Film Archive,
Nam June Paik Art Center,
Streaming Museum
-Jubany Scientific Base of Argentina, Antarctica
-Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
-FACT [the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology],
Liverpool, United Kingdom
-17 BBC Big Screens throughout the United Kingdom
-Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy
-Cocor Media Channel, Bucharest, Romania
-Utsikten Kunstenter, Kvinesdal, Norway
-Chelsea Art Museum, NYC
-Centro Municipal de Exposiciones Subte, Montevideo, Uruguay
-Second Life, Ars Virtual New Media Center
Incheon Artist / Jihoon Byun
VISTAS ; the Vision of U-City
(click here)
2009 Incheon International Digital Media Festival
Artists / Klaus Obermaier, Yeondoo Jung, Yunho Kim, Hoyeol Ryu, Youngho Kim, Bokyung Suh, Keryoon Han, Junebum Park, Sanghyun Jung
Canada Pulse

Artist / RAY_XXXX

 September Japan Japan Media Arts Festival
Showcase 2009
Japan Media Arts Festival
 October Netherlands Holland Experience!
Contemporary Video from the Netherlands
Netherlands Media Art Institute
 November Germany Dreaming with Open Eyes Goethe-Institut Korea
Robert Seidel
 December England onedotzero2009 onedotzero



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